Alarm System – Rashad Becker: Lunch and Music

Today I realized I make utilitarian lunches. As I was chewing on my roast beef sandwich with some months-old dijon mustard, I noticed the meat didn’t go all the way to the edges of the bread. I noticed the mustard was placed in a dollop right in the center. I noticed I was eating for calories with little appreciation for what I was eating.

Whereas I would normally finish my sandwich and get back to work, today I noticed all this because I’ve been spending a lot of time with the music of Rashad Becker.

Rashad’s music may come across at first as an interesting soundscape, an aural realm with intriguing tones and a disquieting emotional tone. This could be enough for me. I love music outside the mainstream, music that pushes what music is.

But what’s incredible about Rashad’s music (and what makes me love it even more) is that, upon closer inspection, you discover the realm is incredibly nuanced, complex, and vibrant. The amount of care that went into crafting these sounds is obvious. Rashad loved them into existence. No hastily thrown together sandwich are these tracks, they’re exquisitely constructed courses in a fine dining experience.

The beauty in Rashad’s music made me search for beauty in the rest of my world. I consider that successful art.

Alarm Will Sound will perform music of Rashad Becker and Mira Calix, this year’s Alarm System artists, on May 26th at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis.

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