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Before Alarm Will Sound

In 1996 at the Eastman School of Music two conversations met. I had been talking to my friends about a problem fellow composers faced getting music for large ensembles performed. Either you won an annual, faculty-approved opportunity with the school orchestra, or you pulled together an ad hoc orchestra to perform the piece on a Composers’ Forum, usually with […]

August 18, 2017

Digesting Music

At a party last week I was presented with what was obviously a loaded question: “What do you like about the music you play?” Let’s ignore the fact that I play a wide variety of music, everything from funk to minimal to modernist to postmodernist to folk to… What the questioner was asking about was that music. […]

August 14, 2017

Fear of the unfamiliar future. Fear of the familiar past.

Alarm Will Sound Presents Modernists is available now from Cantaloupe Music. Modernism scares people. Is it because it’s new? That can’t be the whole explanation because everybody likes to discover new things, right? Maybe it’s the amount of newness. While discovery always involves a degree of unfamiliarity, modernism can drive really far into unfamiliar territory, […]