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…one of the most vital and original ensembles on the American Music scene.
—New York Times
…joyous and raucous….impossible to pigeon-hole.
—The Times of London
Alarm Will Sound has grabbed the future of classical music and made it now—merging styles, erasing boundaries, championing experimentation and obviously having fun along the way.
—Denver Post


AWS Group 2010

Photo description: Alarm Will Sound
Photo credit: Carl Socolow

AWS Group 2007

Photo description: Alarm Will Sound
Photo credit: Justin Bernhaut

AWS Group Zappa

Photo description: Alarm Will Sound performs Zappa's Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat
Photo credit: Cory Weaver

AWS/Alan Pierson

Photo description: Alan Pierson conducts Alarm Will Sound
Photo credit: Cory Weaver

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Member Spotlight

Jason Varvaro

Jason Varvaro

Jason broke his ankle a few weeks before entering middle school and was forced to make his first life-altering decision… Basketball or music? 20 years later, he still involved in the music industry and the Boston Celtics are patiently waiting for him to change his mind while he’s still in his prime.

His journey took him to Boston-Karlsruhe-Boston-Santa Barbara, before he finally settled to live in Montreal with his wife Jennifer, son Rémi and my daughter Naela, where the winters are (really!) long and cold, but he loves the smell of burning firewood coming from the chimneys.

In his free time, he plays Footbag and Freestyle Frisbee and is always looking to Spread the Jam! He loves fresh produce, especially mangoes. Dot, Hatcher and Kent are among his current favorites.