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…one of the most vital and original ensembles on the American Music scene.
—New York Times
…joyous and raucous….impossible to pigeon-hole.
—The Times of London
Alarm Will Sound has grabbed the future of classical music and made it now—merging styles, erasing boundaries, championing experimentation and obviously having fun along the way.
—Denver Post


AWS Group 2010

Photo description: Alarm Will Sound
Photo credit: Carl Socolow

AWS Group 2007

Photo description: Alarm Will Sound
Photo credit: Justin Bernhaut

AWS Group Zappa

Photo description: Alarm Will Sound performs Zappa's Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat
Photo credit: Cory Weaver

AWS/Alan Pierson

Photo description: Alan Pierson conducts Alarm Will Sound
Photo credit: Cory Weaver

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Miles Brown

Miles Brown

Miles grew up in Ithaca, NY in a musical household where Miles Davis, Mozart, and Metallica could be heard at any given moment. His father’s father was a marimba player with the Latin music bandleader Xavier Cugat, and he passed his musical talent on to his children, and ultimately, to him. His father, the amazing guitarist and composer Steve Brown, was (and still is) his main influence, and it is through his urging that he started playing string bass in the fourth grade. Soon afterward, he picked up the electric bass, guitar, drum set, and even a little saxophone. He continued developing my varied musical tastes by playing bass in our school’s orchestra and jazz band, percussion in concert band, and bass and guitar in a number of high school rock bands. His musical career was solidified when he decided to attend the Eastman School of Music for college.

After his undergraduate experience, he felt the urge to explore New York’s jazz mystique. He wanted to continue honing my skills as a bassist, so he attended Mannes College of Music, and studied classical music with Marji Danilow, Orin O’Brien, and Homer Mensch while establishing himself as a jazz bassist. Ultimately, Miles chose to return to Eastman to pursue a DMA in jazz performance and composing, leaving New York as a permanent resident. In 2009, he accepted a position as a Professor of Music at Oakland University in Southeast Michigan, and has taught, played with, and listened to the Detroit area’s many fine musicians since then. In addition to being a freelance jazz bassist, bandleader, composer, and professor, he is the regular bassist with Alarm Will Sound, and play with several Michigan symphony orchestras. He’s most proud, though, to be married to a wonderful music theorist, Jenine, and father to his beautiful daughter Isla.