* denotes work premiered by Alarm Will Sound

John Adams American Standard
Chamber Symphony
China Gates
Gnarly Buttons
"Coast" from Hoodoo Zephyr arr. Caleb Burhans *
selections from I Was Looking at the Ceiling and then I Saw the Sky
Short Ride in a Fast Machine arr. John Orfe *
Son of Chamber Symphony *
Thomas Adès Living Toys
Hendel Almétus Vèdèk for Chamber Ensemble
Louis Andriessen Workers Union
Anonymous Blagoviernomu Tsariu arr. Jessica Johnson *
Budi imya Gospodnie arr. Jessica Johnson *
Ot Yunosti Moieya arr. Jessica Johnson *
Saltarello arr. Payton MacDonald *
Aphex Twin Avril 14th arr. John Pickford Richards *
Blue Calx arr. Caleb Burhans *
Cliffs arr. Caleb Burhans *
Cock/Ver 10 arr. Stefan Freund *
Fingerbib arr. Jonathan Newman *
Four arr. Jessica Johnson and Payton MacDonald *
Gwely Mernans arr. Ken Thomson *
Jynweythek Ylow arr. John Orfe *
Logon Rock Witch arr. Jonathan Newman *
Meltphace 6 arr. Payton MacDonald *
Mt. Saint Michel arr. John Orfe *
Omgyjya Switch 7 arr. Evan Hause *
Prep Gwarlek 3B arr. Courtney Orlando *
Thoinot Arbeau Branle des Hermites arr. Courtney Orlando *
Autechre Cfern arr. Dennis DeSantis *
Johann Sebastian Bach Canonic Variation No. 4 on "Von Himmel hoch" arr. Elisabeth Stimpert *
O Lamm Gottes unschuldig arr. György Kurtág
Matthew Barnson Streams II (Double) for Large Ensemble
The Beatles Revolution 9 arr. Matt Marks *
Stephanie Berg Ravish and Mayhem arr. Matt Marks *
Luciano Berio excerpts from Beatles Songs
O King
Derek Bermel At the End of the World
Canzonas Americanas
Continental Divide
Hot Zone
Natural Selection
Three Rivers
Leonard Bernstein "Epistle: The Word of the Lord" from Mass arr. Stefan Freund *
Kari Besharse Rails *
Oscar Bianchi Mezzogiorno *
David Biedenbender Schism *
Sir Harrison Birtwistle Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum
Silbury Air
Theseus Game
Tyondai Braxton Fly by Wire *
Martin Bresnick Be Just arr. Stefan Freund
Jeffrey Brooks After the Treewatcher
Jason Thorpe Buchanan Asymptotic Flux: Second Study in Entropy (Static Foxy Lump: [II] Second Nudist Tyre Pony *
Miles Brown Q-ball *
Caleb Burhans Amidst Neptune
As Desperation Sets In
Iceman Stole the Sun
oh ye of little faith... (do you know where you children are?) *
John Cage 0'00"
Imaginary Landscape No. 5
Song Books
Variations III
Variations IV
John Cale selections from Kiss arr. Dennis DeSantis *
Ryan Chase Flea Circus *
Gavin Chuck Seen *
Brian Ciach The Einstein Slide *
Johannes Ciconia Le ray au soleyl arr. Gavin Chuck *
Pat Clark Ptolemy's Carousel *
Anna Clyne Blush
Francisco Cortés-Álvarez Laundry Revolution *
David Crowell Fallout *
Andrew Davis The Deep End *
Donnacha Dennehy The Hunger *
Dennis DeSantis Traction *
Christopher Dietz Rambleodeon *
Stylianos Dimou les fragments d'un souffle *
Paul Dooley Point Blank *
Cenk Ergün ladybugbringmeluck *
Michael-Thomas Foumai Big Rip *
Stefan Freund Ode to Soul Caliber
Three Urban Images
Unremixed *
Stefan Freund and Nigel Maister Paper Trail *
Ben Frost By the Throat Suite arr. Gavin Chuck *
Anthony Gatto Ripening *
Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion arr. Rob Haskins *
Ted Goldman Mull; Sail Onward *
Michael Gordon Vera, Chuck, and Dave
Who by Fire *
Yo Shakespeare
Aleksandra Gryka einerjedeneither *
Eric Guinivan Pocket Concerto *
Moon Young Ha 20’s *
Yotam Haber We Were All *
Patrick Harlin Shadow Dancer *
Lou Harrison Suite for Violin, Piano, and Small Orchestra
Lee Hyla Pre-Pulse Suspended
Charles Ives Ragtime Dance No. 4
Scott Johnson Mind Out of Matter *
Josquin des Prez "Agnus Dei II" from Missa L'homme armé super voces musicales arr. Payton MacDonald *
Zhou Juan Say “Bye” *
Dan Kellogg Dust Returns *
Elizabeth Kelly Slide *
Aaron Jay Kernis Concerto for Toy Piano and Chamber Orchestra *
Amy Beth Kirsten Drink Me *
Oliver Knussen Coursing
György Kurtág ...quasi una fantasia...
Aus der Ferne III
Hommage à Mihály András (12 Microludes for String Quartet) Op. 13
Ligatura–Message to Frances-Marie (The Answered Unanswered Question)
David Lang Cheating Lying Stealing
Forced March
Increase *
The Passing Measures
Sweet Air
John Lennon and Yoko Ono Unfnished Music No. 1: Two Virgins arr. Miles Brown, Payton MacDonald, and Matt Marks *
György Ligeti Chamber Concerto
Hamburg Concerto
Piano Concerto
Etude No. 13 "L'escalier du diable" for solo piano
Etude No. 14A "Coloana färä sfârsit" for player piano ad lib. live pianist
Ten Pieces for Woodwind Quintet
Three Pieces for Two Pianos
Wei-Chieh Lin half-glimpsed… *
David T. Little Haunted Topography *
David Longstreth Getty Address arr. Matt Marks, Alan Pierson, and Chris Thompson *
Payton MacDonald Cowboy Raga/Cowboy Tabla *
Metadrum *
Matt Marks A Song for Wade (This is Not That Song) *
kinda asleep arr. Stefan Freund *
Matt Marks and Stefan Freund Kinda Asleep *
Benedict Mason Animals and the Origins of Dance
AWS/Miller: The Fifth Music. Résumé With CPE Bach *
Tom McKenney Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Bird *
Mochipet Dessert Search for Techno Baklava arr. Stefan Freund *
Meredith Monk Night *
Christopher Montgomery Callisto *
Jelly Roll Morton Original Jelly Roll Blues arr. John Orfe, Alan Pierson, and Gavin Chuck *
Nico Muhly Seeing is Believing
Conlon Nancarrow Piece No. 1 for Small Orchestra
Player Piano Study No. 2A arr. Gordon Beeferman *
Player Piano Study No. 2A arr. Gavin Chuck *
Player Piano Study No. 3A arr. Derek Bermel *
Player Piano Study No. 6 arr. Yvar Mikhashoff
Sarabande and Scherzo for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano
Sonatina for Piano
String Quartet No. 1
String Quartet No. 3
Three Movements
Toccata for Violin and Player Piano
Trio No. 1 for Clarinet, Bassoon, and Piano
Trio No. 2 for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano
Clint Needham Urban Sprawl *
Aleksander Nowak Dark Haired Girl in a Black Sports Car
Hit 2 *
Night Transit *
John Orfe Chamber Symphony *
Dowland Remix (Flow My Tears) *
Journeyman *
Pura Vida *
Scott Perry Soundscape Traversal One
Andreia Pinto-Correia El concierto interrumpido
Charlie Piper zoetrope *
Jeremy Podgursky MINDJOB *
Robert Pound plays well with others *
Karen Power pink fluffy alarmetts still sound *
Preshish Moments Why Do Birds arr. Matt Marks *
Jason Price medium::medium *
Maurice Ravel Frontispiece
Steve Reich Clapping Music
City Life
The Desert Music (revised chamber version) *
Four Genesis Settingsarr. Alan Pierson
Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ
New York Counterpoint
Piano Counterpoint
Radio Rewrite *
Three Genesis Settings *
Viola Phase
Roger Reynolds SEASONS cycle II *
Wolfgang Rihm Will Sound *
Giacinto Scelsi Pranam II
Salvatore Sciarrino Introduzione all'oscuro
Le Voci Sottovetro
The Shaggs Philosophy of the World arr. Gavin Chuck *
Elliot Sharp Coriolis Effect *
Greg Simon Draw Me the Sun *
Steven Snowden For So Long It’s Not True *
Solage Fumeux fume par fumee arr. John Orfe *
Asha Srinivasan Svara-lila *
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Meeting Point" and "Set Sail for the Sun" from Aus den sieben Tagen
"Region III" from Hymnen arr. Jason Price *
Steven Stucky Etudes
Joby Talbot The Lodger
Augusta Read Thomas Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour *
In My Sky at Twilight
Silver Chants the Litanies
Spirit Musings
Ken Ueno (X)igágáí *
Edgard Varèse Dance for Burgess
Density 21.5
Poème électronique arr. Evan Hause *
Un grand sommeil noir
Venetian Snares Li2 CO3 arr. Caleb Burhans *
Chiang-Yi Wang Ancient Dream
Liza White Step *
Charlie Wilmoth Still Life with Benzedrine and CNN *
David Witter Compassionate Lights *
Hugo Wolf "Herr, was trägt der Boden hier" from Two Sacred Songs arr. Igor Stravinsky
Julia Wolfe Tell Me Everything
Bernard Woma Gyil Nyog Me Na arr. David Rogers *
Gregg Wramage Pieces of a Life
Charles Wuorinen Big Spinoff *
Frank Zappa Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat


Alarm Will Sound has premiered over 110 new works and arrangements that take advantage of the orchestral color of our instrumentation and the rhythmic agility of a chamber ensemble. We have commissioned works by established composers such as John Adams, Michael Gordon, David Lang, Wolfgang Rihm, and Augusta Read Thomas; by young and emerging composers such as Oscar Bianchi, Donnacha Dennehy, Aleksandra Gryka, and David T. Little; and by Alarm Will Sound members Caleb Burhans, Miles Brown, Gavin Chuck, Dennis DeSantis, Stefan Freund, Payton MacDonald, Matt Marks, and John Orfe.

As Resident Ensemble at the annual Mizzou International Composers Festival, we premiere eight works written specifically for Alarm Will Sound by the newest generation of composers. And we regularly do readings of student works at schools such as University of California at Davis, Duke University, Harvard University, MIT, and NYU.

We play numerous arrangements of music originally made as electronica or created in genres not conventionally associated with classical music. These include music by Aphex Twin, Autechre, The Beatles, Ben Frost, David Longstreth, Mochipet, The Shaggs, and Preshish Moments.

Member Spotlight

Stefan Freund

Stefan Freund

Stefan lives in Columbia, Missouri where he keeps busy as a professor of composition and music theory at the University of Missouri and as the music director of the Columbia Civic Orchestra. As a kid, he was composing even before he started playing the cello; now he does both with Alarm Will Sound. The group features his compositions quite often and Stefan loves writing for the ensemble because he can tailor the music to each person in the group.

Stefan went to Eastman for a MM and DMA in composition. He remembers meeting Alan on the 2nd floor promenade at Eastman and getting recruited to play with Ossia. Alarm Will Sound grew out of the Ossia ensemble and Stefan has been with the group ever since. His favorite Alarm Will Sound concert experience was at the University of South Carolina. He describes it as a wild concert with people lined up at the doors and standing ovations. Who knew classical music could be as exciting as a rock concert?

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Featured Recording

Greg Simon’s Draw Me The Sun

This is our world premiere performance at the Mizzou International Composers Festival in 2013.

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