Alarm Will Sound is celebrating 15 years of performing, commissioning, and recording contemporary music. We have an event-filled year ahead of us with premieres and richly staged performances in Ohio, Missouri, and New York. We look forward to seeing you in the audience!

Help us celebrate our 15th birthday by making a tax-deductible donation to Alarm Will Sound today! Your gift ensures that we are able to continue performing new music staged in innovative and imaginative ways. In the spirit of giving, we have some exciting rewards in recognition of your donation.

To celebrate 15 years of music making, any donation over $15 will receive a free, exclusive download of David Lang's Increase, recorded by Alarm Will Sound. This track will not be officially released until the end of the year, but with your donation to Alarm Will Sound, you can have advance access to it.

Other rewards for giving include an Alarm Will Sound t-shirt with a $30 donation, your choice of Alarm Will Sound cd with a $50 donation, or two cd's with a $75 donation. Your contribution enables us to bring you the new music and concert experiences that you've come to expect from Alarm Will Sound, as well as new initiatives that continue to revolutionize our musical community. Thank you for your support!

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Make checks payable to Alarm Will Sound, Inc. and send to

Alarm Will Sound
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Professional Services

As a growing arts organization, Alarm Will Sound is often in need of professional services. If you would like to offer pro bono legal, financial, marketing, or design services, send an email.

Member Spotlight

Caleb Burhans

Caleb Burhans

Caleb almost went to Indiana University for college but he decided on Eastman partly because he didn’t like that IU had the highest-paid basketball coach in the country. His life could have turned out pretty differently if Bobby Knight made a little less money back in the late 90s. But Eastman it was.

As a 17-year old, Caleb had a thing for Ligeti’s music so he emailed Alan before he got to Eastman to ask for an audition with Ossia to play on their Ligeti concert. He was late to the first rehearsal because he was getting his nose pierced, but he soon became a regular. Just before graduating, he terrified his conservative grandmother by telling her he wanted to move to NYC to live paycheck to paycheck as a freelance musician. Now he’s doing exactly that (although maybe not living quite paycheck to paycheck) as a freelance violinist, violist, countertenor, composer, and improviser.

Caleb started singing in a boys’ choir at age 9 then quickly picked up several instruments. At 10, he wrote his first piano piece in C major. The only early composition he’ll live up to now is a piece for 2 violins that he wrote on his first day back to school as a high school sophomore called What a Shame. It was quite a shame that summer was over.

Featured Recording

Ken Ueno’s (X)igágái

This is an excerpt of our world premiere performance.

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