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Member Spotlight

Beth Stimpert

Beth Stimpert

Elisabeth Stimpert got hooked on the idea of music as a profession when she started playing with the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra as a sophomore in high school. She had never played in an orchestra before and survived a few embarrassing moments, including discovering what an A clarinet was was by showing up to rehearsal and accidentally playing the opening of Bizet’s L’Arlesienne a half-step fortissimo! She soon fell in love with the complexity and diversity of orchestral music, playing masterworks by Prokoviev, Stravinsky, Beethoven and Gershwin and decided that she would be happy forever if she could only win the principal clarinet seat in the Cincinnati Symphony.

So off to school she went, first to Ohio State and then the Eastman School of Music to train as an orchestral clarinetist. Along the way, though, she picked up degrees in music theory and music education, and fell into the new music scene by being willing (and at least marginally able) to play Xenakis and Schoenberg and just about any other new music on clarinet and bass clarinet. After a short but informative stint as principal clarinetist with the Midland Odessa Symphony in Texas, Elisabeth moved back east to Pennsylvania where she currently teaches at Dickinson College, plays chamber music of all sorts, and looks forward to the challenges and delights of each new project with Alarm Will Sound.

Featured Recording

Patrick David Clark’s Ptolemy’s Carousel

This is our world premiere performance at the Mizzou New Music Summer Festival in 2011.

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