“Summon” by Jlin (remix by Igor Santos)

Summon, Episode 5 in Alarm Will Sound’s Video Chat Variations series, uses feedback and delay – common video chat annoyances – to inspire artistic creation. As musicians of Alarm Will Sound improvise solos based on Jlin’s composition, Alan Pierson, Alarm Will Sound’s Artistic Director and conductor, captures the music in real time with microphones to generate feedback. In turn, the instrumentalists listen to the “feedback soloist” and respond to the harmonies and timbres they hear. 

Jlin says about the collaboration: “Covid-19 threw lemons at us, and we made lemonade with honey. I’m so humbled having gone through this process in such a trying time with Alarm Will Sound. We took every restriction we had and worked it to our advantage.”

Igor Santos worked closely with Jlin and Alarm Will Sound to craft the structure of Summon. Sections of improvisatory exploration of feedback transition into passages of funky, bass-heavy groove. Santos says, “In Summon we embrace ‘error’ as an aesthetic and try to create a system in which each element—audio feedback, latency, orchestration, form, and character—is integrated and informed by each other’s sounds and behaviors.”


“Summon” by Jlin (remix by Igor Santos) Artists