Alarm Will Sound’s twenty artists perform today's music with classical skill and daring curiosity.

Our repertoire ranges from the arch-modernist to the pop-influenced, but our approach goes beyond the music itself. We frequently incorporate video, text, theater, and movement into our productions to inspire new questions in our listeners and encourage the search for new answers.

Since our earliest days playing together at the Eastman School of Music, we have collaborated with composers, designers, writers, choreographers, videographers — a wide range of compelling experimental artists — in pursuit of undiscovered artistic territory.

Along the way, we’ve proved that a small, audacious orchestra can make a huge impact. In every performance, we explore, challenge and reshape familiar musical conventions to create arresting experiences.

– The Los Angeles Times on Alarm Will Sound’s 2011 performance of 1969 at Carnegie Hall

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In 1996 at the Eastman School of Music two conversations met. I had been talking to my friends about a problem fellow composers faced getting music for large ensembles performed. Either you won an annual, faculty-approved opportunity with the school orchestra, or you pulled together an ad hoc orchestra to perform the piece on a Composers’ Forum, usually with […]

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Annie Toth, General Manager
Michael Clayville, Director of Marketing
Peter Ferry, Assistant Director of Artistic Planning
Tracy Mendez, Development Manager
Bill Kalinkos, Librarian
Uday Singh, Program Coordinator