Christa Robinson

Oboe (she/her)

I grew up on a pig farm in rural Ontario, Canada, and although my family appreciates music (and can boast some killer 3-part harmony/road trip singing skills), the idea of becoming a professional musician had never really occurred to me. A family move to a Toronto suburb altered that idea. Admittedly, I agreed to play the oboe at the age of 13 without actually knowing what it was, but I greatly admired my early teacher and soon fell in love with the oboe and the classical music world.

Lucky enough to be accepted by the Eastman School of Music for undergraduate studies, my idea of classical music evolved as I began to perform newly composed music. With ample performance opportunity and inspiring colleagues, how could I not love exploring these new sound worlds?…And then I won a traditional orchestra job in Canada. Whoops.

Immediately out of college, I picked up my reed tools and moved back to Canada where I put down roots (literally-I grew some killer green tomatoes!!!) in the middle of the prairies and performed as the principal oboist of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, I taught oboe at the University of Saskatchewan and early childhood music through their extension division. Although it was a blast playing the classics for five years, there wasn’t much of a new music scene, and it was missed.

I followed my romantic heart and moved to New York City. I couldn’t be happier to be in a city filled with so much energy and am elated to be a member of Alarm Will Sound.

When I’m not playing the oboe, you can find me teaching elementary classroom music or day-dreaming of a backyard where I someday can plant a tomato garden once again.