“Not just extraordinary musicians, but also next-generation thinkers.”
Time Out New York

Video Chat Variations

Video Chat Variations are a set of pieces performed remotely through the internet. We are embracing quirks like delay and glitching to discover their beauty and expressive power.

Live Podcasts

Soundtracks are background music, but music itself can be the story. These shows combine podcasting and live performance to dive deep and get personal about how composers and performers make music.

Music, History, and Ideas

Music resonates with history and ideas. These programs find a thought, look at a person, and point to a moment in time, then share them through music.

Alarm System

Composers are not all classical, and some composers don't even call themselves composers. Alarm System is our initiative to find artists who make fascinating music — period — whatever they call themselves, and whatever style they work in. In these shows, we collaborate for a year or more to learn from each other and to create music that defies categorization.

Concert Mix

Discovery, creativity and experimentation drive Alarm Will Sound's dedication to new music and innovative performance. We work with composers, directors, choreographers, and designers on projects that not only have cutting-edge music, but also paint a bigger picture of what it means to make music here and now.

Explore Our Repertoire

Alarm Will Sound’s musical explorations extend beyond our programs. Discover our complete list of composers and selections.