“Autoschediasms” with Tyshawn Sorey

Alarm Will Sound performs Autoschediasms by Tyshawn Sorey. Sorey’s “Autoschediasms” are live compositions: works composed in the moment, challenging the distinction between improvised and composed music. In this video-chat Autoschediasms, Sorey uses his unique language of visual gestures, text directives, and autonomous prompts to collaboratively create a piece with Alarm Will Sound in real time over video chat. He explains: “I always think compositionally. Much of what I do is craft even when I spontaneously create something. The performers must do the same and they’re equally responsible for the result. At no point can one performer take this process of making music for granted.”

More information on the performance to come.

“Autoschediasms” with Tyshawn Sorey Artists