Jason Varvaro

Production Manager

I love sports. Having broken my ankle a few weeks before entering middle school, I was forced to make my first life-altering decision…Art or music? Needless to say, 20 years later, I’m still involved in the music industry and the Boston Celtics are patiently waiting for me to change my mind while I’m still in my prime.

My journey took me to Boston-Karlsruhe-Boston-Santa Barbara, before I finally settled to live in Montreal with my beautiful wife Jennifer, my son Rémi and my daughter Naela. The winters are (really) long and cold, but I love the smell of burning firewood coming from the chimneys.

In my free time, I play Footbag and Freestyle Frisbee and I’m always looking to Spread the Jam! I also love fresh produce, especially mangoes. Dot, Hatcher and Kent are among my current favorites.