“Unremixed” – Alarm Will Sound and Four/Ten Media

Alarm Will Sound and Four/Ten Media are excited to share the debut video of Unremixed, composed by Stefan Freund, a member of Alarm Will Sound. Unremixed is the first in a series of collaborations between Alarm Will Sound and Four/Ten Media. The video is available now on Alarm Will Sound’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Unremixed was inspired by Alarm Will Sound’s work with the electronica of Aphex Twin, first captured in the album Acoustica. The conversion of digital, machine-made originals into acoustic, human-made performances opened up a new artistic path in the contemporary-classical field.  Unremixed takes the next step by creating an original composition from the approaches developed for Acoustica.

Freund says, Unremixed “integrates several ideas from Aphex Twin’s music as well as instrumental techniques used in Acoustica arrangements to imitate electronic sounds. The video demonstrates how much fun it is to create and perform music inspired by electronica.”

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