“Alarm Will Sound” – rhythm

  I find the phrase “alarm will sound” to be a persistent challenge. I spend days looking for “alarms,” realizations that disrupt my pattern of thinking. Despite my searching I don’t find them every day, but when I do they can be startling, exciting, confusing, joyful, depressing, inspirational… in short emotional and worth the hunt. […]

August 14, 2017

Fear of the unfamiliar future. Fear of the familiar past.

Alarm Will Sound Presents Modernists is available now from Cantaloupe Music. Modernism scares people. Is it because it’s new? That can’t be the whole explanation because everybody likes to discover new things, right? Maybe it’s the amount of newness. While discovery always involves a degree of unfamiliarity, modernism can drive really far into unfamiliar territory, […]

The Future is “Now”

It is in Alarm Will Sound’s DNA to be current: one of the missions of the group is to perform music that reflects the contemporary world. It is also in our DNA to take chances and put ourselves out of our comfort zones: performing complex music by memory, doing productions that require singing/acting/choreography. These instincts turn up in […]